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Sentences of Ours

the literary musings of friends

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Han and Stina's fanfics

sentencesofours is a community for the fanfics written by Han and Stina. We are HUGE Camp Rock fans as well as fans of Joe and Demi - the brilliant actors that bring the characters of Shane and Mitchie to life. We believe that they belong together on-screen and off-screen and that they are meant to be. We're also big fans of all the Disney cast like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.

So far we've only had the pleasure of writing about Joe/Demi, Shane/Mitchie, Nick/Miley, Craig/Bridget, Tristan/Isolde but there are more ships and fandoms that appeal to us both. We're big fans of the High School Musical verse and the actors who play the parts. Zac and Vanessa set the tone for Joe/Demi and particularly Han loves to gush and write about them. In the future this place will also hold the fanfiction of other ships and fandoms we enjoy.

We express our love for these people and characters through our fics. We use canon, our own ideas and inspiration from real life events to bring you these stories. Enjoy them.

We do not make any claim of owning, knowing or even meeting these people and/or characters. These stories are of our own minds and for our own pleasure.

Han is
19 years old. Disney lover. Shipper of Nick&Miley, Joe&Demi, Zac&Vanessa. Loves music, life and dance. Grammar nerd. Old-school romantic. Bubbly and gung-ho.

Stina is
22 years old. Disney fanatic. Grammar killer. Lover of Demi Lovato & Jonas Brothers. Is a romantic. Naive and optimistic.